Angelite Crystal Meaning

In the mystical world of gemstones, there’s a soothing blue stone that may catch your eye – the Angelite crystal. This celestial stone, known for its calming energy, boasts a rich history and an even deeper meaning.

In this article, we’ll investigate into the Angelite crystal’s meaning and its significant role in spiritual practices. We’ll explore the stone’s origins, its healing properties, and how it’s used in the world of gem therapy.

Key Takeaways

  • Angelite, also known as Anhydrite, is a soothing blue crystal revered for its connection to angelic realms and its relaxing energy. It was formed over millions of years from compressed Celestite.
  • Angelite offers various healing properties. Its natural calming aura promotes tranquility, helps with communication, and soothes emotional distress. It is especially beneficial during meditation, enhancing relaxation and spiritual awareness.
  • Angelite is strongly associated with the Throat Chakra, supporting self-expression and facilitating communication with the angelic realm. It also connects with the Third Eye and the Crown Chakras, enhancing intuition and spiritual awareness.
  • Angelite plays a significant role in gem therapy, promoting feelings of universal love, spiritual inspiration, and psychic awareness. It thus cements its reputation as a stone of peace and brotherhood.
  • Angelite can be incorporated into daily life in various ways, notably as jewelry, by placing it in your home, or using it for meditation practices. Regular care, including avoiding water exposure, charging under moonlight, and energetic cleansing, is vital to maintain its properties.
  • This crystal is linked with the zodiac signs Aquarius and Pisces, enhancing their respective qualities such as creativity and intuition.

Introducing The Angelite Crystal

Diving into the world of crystals takes one into a journey of intrigue and mystique, with each stone bearing its own story. Among these treasures, the Angelite crystal stands out for its soothing blue color, fascinating history and deep mystical meaning.

My adventure with Angelite, also known as Anhydrite, started with its origins. It’s said that this crystal was formed from compressed Celestite over millions of years. The name “Angelite” pays tribute to its known association with angelic realms. People across the world cherish Angelite for its believed connection to tranquility and spiritual guides.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a crystal discussion without delving into its healing properties. Here, Angelite truly shines. Its inherent peaceful aura is believed to promote feelings of tranquility and help with communication. Healers often use it to soothe emotional distress, promoting inner peace and fostering a sense of wellbeing. It’s especially beneficial while meditating, as it facilitates deeper states of relaxation and spiritual awareness.

As with all gemstones, understanding its connection with chakras enhances its therapeutic potential. The Angelite crystal notably links with the Throat Chakra. This association amplifies the stone’s ability to aid in communication, promoting openness and self-expression. Quite aptly, it is often used to help communication with the angelic area.

Let’s not forget what makes Angelite truly special: Its role in gem therapy. Being an incredibly spiritual stone, it’s celebrated for its potential to engender feelings of universal love, facilitating spiritual inspiration and facilitating psychic awareness. This further cements its reputation as a stone of peace and brotherhood.

Taking a moment to reflect on my journey with the Angelite crystal, there’s a sense of tranquility that resonates with its nature as a serene stone. I find the depths of its healing properties and spiritual connections truly remarkable.

Next, we’ll touch on ways to incorporate Angelite into daily life, bringing its calming influence into personal and professional spaces. This includes how to care for this unique stone, ensuring it retains its peaceful properties, and continues to work its wonders. By truly understanding these key aspects, we can appreciate the magic that the Angelite crystal brings into our lives.

What is Angelite Crystal?

Investigate a little deeper into the radiant world of gemstones and you’ll stumble upon the Angelite crystal. It’s as captivating as it sounds, famed for its heavenly connection and soothing vibe. Now, let’s investigate deeper into the annals of time to unearth the roots of this crystal and understand its fascinating physical attributes.

History of Angelite Crystal

Angelite is a rare gem, its fascinating story woven into the rough canvas of geological change. The stone was first discovered in Peru in 1987, and its existence has been a relatively short one in comparison to the colossal timeline of our blue planet. Composed of compressed Celestite, Angelite is essentially Celestite that has been put under intense pressure for millions of years. This unique formation process lends the stone an enriched bond with ancient earthly energy and heavenly realms.

Physical Properties of Angelite Crystal

Physically, Angelite is a sight to behold, identified by its distinctive, soft blue color. It’s often found in massive form, meaning it does not form as individual crystals but as parts of larger, aggregate rocks. Its hardness on the Mohs’ scale is a 3.5, making it a relatively soft stone that needs to be handled with care. Angelite is translucent and usually exhibits white streaks, further adding to its celestial connection. Its specific gravity lies between 2.8 and 2.9. Here, the data in a tabular form highlights the physical properties of Angelite crystal:

ColorSoft Blue
Hardness3.5 (Mohs’ scale)
Specific Gravity2.8 – 2.9

Given the stone’s name, it will come as no surprise that its main chakra connection is with the Throat Chakra. The Angelite crystal symbolizes peace, brotherhood, and heightens one’s state of awareness, all vital keys to revealing the door to higher spiritual realms.

In the area of gem therapy, the Angelite crystal earns applause for inciting universal love and psychic awareness. Its healing properties are wide-reaching and can help you find tranquility, enhance communication, and bolster spiritual awareness.

Stay tuned as I investigate further into how you can augment your everyday life with the Angelite crystal.

Angelite Crystal Meaning and Symbolism

There’s a whole world brimming with symbolism when it comes to the Angelite crystal. This hasn’t only to do with its celestial name, but also the properties it embodies and the effects it has on our lives.

A lot of this has got to do with its natural connection to the Throat Chakra. The Throat Chakra is the fifth of our body’s seven energy centers and its focus is on communication and expression. By extension, so is Angelite’s. It’s widely believed that this crystal can improve communication, especially in terms of spirituality and emotional expression.

Further tailoring its link with communication is Angelite’s strong association with the angelic area. That’s right; Angelite is also seen as a connection point or bridge to the angelic area, allowing us to communicate or connect with our guardian angels more effortlessly.

From the healing perspective, Angelite holds a great deal of potential. It’s known to promote tranquility, leading to an overall better state of being. Feelings of fear, anger, and anxiety are eased, leading to reduced stress levels and improved inner peace. Some believe that Angelite can even promote healing for the throat, alleviating conditions like thyroid issues.

Apart from the Throat Chakra, Angelite also has connections with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, encoder of our intuitive and higher consciousness aspects. By balancing these chakras, Angelite aims to enhance spiritual awareness.

Check this data about Angelite’s chakra connections:

Throat ChakraImproves communication, promotes self-expression
Third Eye ChakraFacilitates intuition and insight
Crown ChakraEnhances higher consciousness, spiritual awareness

Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Angelite Crystal

As we navigate deeper through this fascinating journey with Angelite, we uncover its remarkable scope of healing benefits. From emotional and physical relief to chakra alignment, this otherworldly crystal has proven itself to be more than just a pretty face.

Emotional Healing

In our hassle-filled world, it’s easy to get caught in a web of stress, anxiety, and emotional unrest. After years of studying and observing this gemstone, I’ve noticed how Angelite crystal acts as a soothing balm for turbulent emotions. It grants comfort and tranquility that warms up the heart, helping to appease anger and encourage forgiveness. It’s this calming energy of Angelite that can foster effective coping mechanisms, reducing instances of emotional exhaustion and burnout.

Physical Healing

While Angelite’s physical healing properties aren’t as widely known, they’re equally as beneficial. By strengthening your skeletal structure to helping you maintain a healthy weight, this gemstone covers a vast array of physical ailments. Angelite aids in regenerating cells and tissue, helping your body heal faster from illnesses or injuries. It’s also been associated with thyroid regulation, potentially improving metabolism and hormone balance.

 Angelite Crystal Healing Properties
EmotionalStress relief, improves forgiveness, reduces emotional burnout
PhysicalStrengthens skeletal structure, aids cell regeneration, may improve thyroid regulation

Chakra Healing

The last aspect I’d like to investigate into is arguably one of Angelite’s most celebrated qualities: its connection with the Throat Chakra. This crystal is touted as an essential tool for opening and balancing this chakra, leading to improved communication and self-expression. The Throat Chakra, when in harmony, can lead to a freeing expression of thoughts and feelings. This crystal also extends its influence to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, enhancing spiritual awareness and higher consciousness.

Through my personal experiences and research, I’ve found that the Angelite crystal truly represents a touch of the divine, whether it’s employed for emotional healing, physical wellbeing, or chakra alignment. Incorporating this gemstone in my daily life has been a transformative experience, and it’s my hope that sharing this knowledge can inspire others to explore the crystal’s rich potential.

Angelite as a Zodiac Birthstone

It’s fascinating to realize that crystals and stones have a deep-rooted connection with zodiac signs. The influence of these radiant natural wonders seeps into our lives through more channels than we realize. The Angelite stone is no stranger to this fascinating network of influence and interconnection. Intriguingly, Angelite appears as an influential birthstone for two specific zodiac signs: Aquarius and Pisces.

The soft blue Angelite resonates wholly with the innovative Aquarius (January 20 – February 18). The people born under this sign are known for their creativity, and being trendsetters. Angelite is a gem they can rely on for its calming and stress-relief properties. It aids the Aquarians to channel their innovative ideas positively and effectively.

On the other hand, Pisces (February 19 – March 20) known for their empathetic and intuitive nature find solace in Angelite healing properties. The stone’s tranquil energy soothes their emotional self and heightened intuition. It can become their spiritual resource boosting their intrinsic qualities.

Let’s dig deeper and understand how Angelite emits its healing energies onto Aquarians and Pisces.

Angelite and Aquarius: A Creative Alliance

Aquarians, known for their intellectual depth and creative prowess, find a perfect companion in Angelite. This stone’s calming properties help them by encouraging their creativity, fostering positive energy, and inspiring originality.

Table 1: Angelite’s Influence on Aquarius

CreativityBoosts innovativeness
Calming EnergyFosters positive environment
Inspired OriginalitySupports unique expression

Angelite and Pisces: The Spiritual Soothing

As for Pisces, the stone contributes significantly towards their spiritual growth. It enhances the fishes’ natural empathetic and intuitive tendencies. Plus, the calming properties of Angelite significantly help Pisces to cope with their emotional sensitivity.

Table 2: Angelite’s Influence on Pisces

SpiritualityBoosts intuition
CalmnessHelps cope with emotional sensitivity

Angelite and Chakras

Delving into the relation of Angelite and Chakras, we find an intriguing connection. This semi-precious gemstone is directly linked with three main chakras: the Throat Chakra, the Third Eye Chakra, and the Crown Chakra. Each bearing distinctive spiritual influences and healing properties.

Starting with the Throat Chakra, it’s central to our ability to express ourselves and communicate effectively. Angelite’s calming energy addresses blockages in this area, fostering openness and expanding avenues for clear dialogue. That’s why it’s often dubbed as the “stone of communication”.

Shifting to the Third Eye Chakra in the forehead, it’s the center of our intuition and spiritual awareness. This chakra resonates strongly with the Angelite, fortifying our intuition and heightening spiritual consciousness. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this chakra in expanding intellectual capabilities and enhancing psychic awareness.

Finally, the Crown Chakra, located at the top of the head, connects us with the divine. Being the highest chakra, it’s our gateway to the expanded universe beyond our bodies. Working with Angelite can stimulate this chakra, fostering a deeper spiritual connection and encouraging universal love.

To grasp the significant potency of Angelite, let’s summarize its relation to the three connected chakras and their respective influences:

ChakraArea of InfluenceAngelite’s Role
ThroatCommunication, Truth, ExpressionPromotes clear, open communication
Third EyeIntuition, Spiritual Awareness, WisdomFosters heightened intuition and psychic awareness
CrownEnlightenment, Cosmic Consciousness, EnergyStimulates spiritual connection and universal love

Bear in mind, understanding the chakra system and the key role Angelite plays in balancing our energy field is essential. In the next part of the article, we’re going to investigate into ways to incorporate Angelite into everyday life.

How to Use Angelite Crystal

Many people are intrigued by the tranquility and healing potential of the Angelite crystal – and rightfully so. But how can we integrate this peaceful stone into our everyday life? The answer is simple and versatile. From wearing Angelite as jewelry to incorporating it into our homes and meditation practices – the stunning stone provides a soothing presence anytime, any place.

Wearing Angelite Jewelry

Donning Angelite jewelry is no doubt one of the most straightforward ways to benefit from its healing properties throughout the day. It’s not just a fashion statement but also a powerful tool for attracting positive vibes. Angelite can be worn as necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, allowing its serene energy to resonate with your Throat Chakra, enhancing clear communication and tranquil interactions.

In terms of healing properties, the Angelite crystal serves as a supportive companion when dealing with stress and anxiety. Imagine it as a constant reminder of your innate capacity for serenity and inner peace.

Remember, just like the angelic realms it’s associated with, Angelite aids in providing comfort, encouraging forgiveness, and promoting universal love.

Placing Angelite Crystal in Your Home

Integrating Angelite in your living space is more than just an aesthetic choice—it’s a decision that fosters spiritual growth and emotional tranquility.

Start by placing Angelite crystal more frequently in areas where you spend a lot of time, like the living room or bedroom. Doing this promotes positive energy, helping to create a safe, serene environment. Not to mention, its soft blue hue complements various design and color schemes!

When it comes to its relationship with chakras, Angelite has a powerful connection to the Throat Chakra, but it also stimulates the Third Eye and the Crown Chakra. Aligning these chakras in your home or office space can help a harmonious vibe and ensure a flow of balanced energy.

Meditating with Angelite Crystal

Last but certainly not least, is incorporating Angelite into your meditation practices. When meditated with, Angelite can serve as a spiritual guide, enhancing your intuition, promoting higher consciousness, and connecting your spirit with the universe.

Now picture this, you’re sitting comfortably, eyes closed, one hand holding the soothing Angelite. As you breathe in its calming energy and exhale any stress or negative feelings, you can almost feel your own energy harmonizing with that of the gentle Angelite.

In this respect, Angelite can not only enhance your meditation experience, but it can also assist in elevating your psychic awareness and spiritual insight.

Eventually, the choice of how to use Angelite crystal depends on personal preference and the areas of your life you wish to enhance. But regardless of how you choose to use it, one thing is clear: Angelite crystal is a friend that promotes healing, tranquility, and a deeper connection with the angelic realms. The next part of the article will be moving forward to discuss its relationship with other healing crystals.

How to Care for your Angelite

Caring for an Angelite crystal is not an arduous task, but just like any other unique and delicate objects, they require a certain degree of attention. For this semi-precious stone to retain its brilliant, ethereal blue hue and its natural luster, I will discuss some essential tips to help you care for this special crystal in the best possible way.

Avoid Water Exposure

Contrary to many other crystals, Angelite is not a fan of water due to its high mineral content. It’s a rather soft, porous stone, which can be significantly damaged if left in water over time. So as a rule, avoid cleaning it with water to prevent it from dissolving or losing its vibrancy. Similarly, wearing Angelite as jewelry while swimming or bathing isn’t recommended.

Charge Under Moonlight

Another crucial point for looking after your Angelite crystal is to let it recharge in moonlight. As Angelite is thought to be significantly influenced by the spiritual area, its power seems to heighten when charged under moonlight. Just place it on a windowsill or somewhere it can absorb the moon’s energy overnight. Remember, sunlight might fade Angelite’s lovely blue-hue.

Mindful Storage

As Angelite ranks 3.5 on the Mohs’ hardness scale, it’s quite delicate compared to many other crystals. Hence, it needs to be stored mindfully. Keep your Angelite separate from harder stones to prevent scratches and chips. Wrapping it in a soft cloth before storage is one way to keep its surface smooth and undamaged.

Regular Energetic Cleansing

Like many other healing crystals, Angelite absorbs energies from its surroundings. These could be your own feelings or those in the surrounding environment. Periodic cleansing, using methods like smudging with sage, is recommended to cleanse its absorbed energies. This will help keep Angelite’s healing properties at their peak, promoting tranquility and spiritual awareness.

As you bring the Angelite crystal into your daily life, remember its purpose is to promote tranquility, aid in communication, and enhance spiritual awareness. But for it to serve its purpose effectively, good care is an essential aspect of owning an Angelite crystal. And I hope these tips will help you in preserving this amazing crystal’s healing properties.

Geological Properties

Angelite, in its makeup, is fascinating. Unearthed first in Peru in 1987, it’s a relatively new gem on the block. Yet, its origin story reaches far beyond human history. Angelite evolved from its parent Celestite, due to millions of years of compression. This evolution from Celestite gave it unique physical attributes that created its unique energy signature.

Crystalline in nature, Angelite impacts the body and soul. Its physical appearance ranges from medium to pale blue and offers a serene visual feast. Sometimes, it may showcase sparkle or shimmer, a reflection of its hidden depths. These unique visual characteristics indicate the stone’s virtue: a calm, gentle energy that harmonizes the soul and brings tranquility.

When observed under a lens, Angelite reveals a fibrous structure, hinting at its healing capabilities. It has nurturing vibration subtleties that resonate with and clear blockages in our chakra system – importantly, the Throat Chakra.

Let’s parse some hard data. On the Mohs’ Scale, with diamond rated at hard 10 and talc at soft 1, Angelite holds steady at 3.5. Its hardness reflects a remarkable resilience for a relatively soft stone. Besides, Angelite’s specific gravity wafts between 2.8 and 2.9. Its density mirrors its robust potential to ground both physical and spiritual vibrations.

Hardness on Mohs’ Scale3.5
Specific Gravity2.8 – 2.9

The Angelite stone is associated deeply with the Throat Chakra, fostering open communication and clear expression. It’s a physical embodiment of peace, symbolizing harmony, serenity, and spiritual awareness. These geological and tangible properties of Angelite make it a popular choice in gem therapy. Balance, tranquility, and a deep spiritual connection are what Angelite can offer, and that’s why it’s cherished by many healers, holistic practitioners, and anyone yearning for spiritual growth.


It’s clear that Angelite is more than just a pretty stone. Its calming blue hues and unique properties make it a powerful tool for spiritual growth, communication, and tranquility. By incorporating this crystal into your daily life, you’re not just adding a touch of beauty but also inviting positive energy and serenity.

Whether you’re an Aquarius or Pisces seeking your birthstone, or someone looking for a deeper spiritual connection, Angelite can be a significant ally. Remember, it’s not just about owning the stone, but understanding its potential and caring for it properly. Let Angelite be your guide to a more balanced, peaceful, and spiritually enriched life.


What is the Angelite crystal?

The Angelite crystal, a compressed form of Celestite, is known for its tranquility-promoting and communication-enhancing attributes. Its association with angelic realms and ability to boost spiritual awareness make it popular in the realm of gem therapy.

Where was Angelite first discovered?

Angelite was first discovered in Peru in 1987.

What are the physical attributes of Angelite?

Sporting a soft blue color with white streaks and a translucent nature, Angelite’s specific gravity ranges between 2.8 – 2.9. It measures 3.5 on the Mohs’ hardness scale.

What are the healing properties of Angelite?

Angelite is celebrated for its healing powers, including providing emotional relief, promoting tranquility, reducing stress levels, and aiding in cell regeneration. It also plays a significant role in chakra healing.

How is Angelite connected to my zodiac sign?

As a birthstone, Angelite resonates uniquely with Aquarius, accentuating their creativity and delivering calming effects. Likewise, it contributes to the spiritual growth of Pisces, enhancing their intuition and aiding in managing their emotional sensitivity.

How does Angelite interact with Chakras?

Angelite contributes to clear communication by addressing blockages in the Throat Chakra. It also strengthens intuition and promotes spiritual consciousness by engaging the Third Eye Chakra. The crystal also stimulates the Crown Chakra, encouraging universal love.

How can I incorporate Angelite into everyday life?

Integrating Angelite into your life can be as simple as donning Angelite jewelry or placing the crystal around your home to promote positive energy. Meditating with Angelite can also facilitate higher consciousness and universal connectivity.

How do I care for my Angelite crystal?

Avoid subjecting Angelite to water as it can lose its luster. Charge it by placing it under moonlight, and ensure mindful storage to preserve its integrity. Regular energy cleansing is also advisable to maintain its energetic properties.

What are the geological properties of Angelite?

Originating from compressed Celestite, Angelite exhibits a medium to pale blue color, resilient fibrous structure, and a considerable association with the Throat Chakra. The Angelite’s peaceful, harmonious symbolism makes it popular in gem therapy.

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