Atlantisite Crystal Meaning

Ever wondered about the meaning of the Atlantisite crystal? I’m here to share some incredible details on this fascinating gemstone. It’s not just its captivating green and purple hues that make it stand out, but the profound symbolism and healing properties it carries.

Here, we’ll be looking into the world of the Atlantisite crystal, exploring its rich history and significance. From its reputed origins in the lost city of Atlantis to its role in modern day crystal healing, I’ll be your guide on this enlightening journey. So, let’s begin on this exploration of Atlantisite’s meaning and discover why it’s more than just a gorgeous-looking stone.

Key Takeaways

  • Atlantisite crystal, a blend of Serpentine and Stichtite, stands out due to its unique healing properties and connection to chakras.
  • The stone is renowned for spiritual growth and healing, aiding in stimulating the immune system and relieving stress.
  • Atlantisite primarily aligns with the Heart Chakra, cultivating compassion, unity, and harmonizing relationships.
  • This crystal holds a deep connection to emotional and physical healing. It assists in cellular rejuvenation, aiding in metabolism of calcium and helping to balance blood pressure.
  • Atlantisite is a powerful companion for individuals born under the Aquarius, Scorpio, and Pisces zodiac signs, working in sync with their unique characteristics to bring about personal and spiritual transformation.
  • Incorporating Atlantisite into daily practices like wearing it as jewelry, meditating with it, or placing it strategically in homes, can enhance spiritual connectivity and well-being.

An Introduction To The Atlantisite Crystal

Diving deeper into our exploration, let’s turn our attention to the unique healing properties and vital chakra connection of the Atlantisite stone.

Atlantisite isn’t a stone to underestimate. It’s a strong tool for spiritual growth and healing. In being a fusion of Serpentine and Stichtite, Atlantisite possesses potent vibrations that help to open up the Kundalini energy. Kundalini, as many are aware, is potent energy lying dormant that, when awakened, opens up our potential for spiritual growth.

As for its healing properties, the Atlantisite stone is believed to be a balm for everything from stimulating the immune system to assisting in stress relief. This makes it quite a popular choice among crystal enthusiasts who value their well-being.

Let’s talk about chakras. For those familiar with this spiritual concept, you’re aware that chakras are energy centers within our bodies, entirely vital to our existence. Among the seven chakras—Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third eye, Crown—the Atlantisite is primarily allied with the Heart Chakra. This profound connection aids in stimulating compassion, encouraging a sense of unity, and harmonizing relationships, making Atlantisite a powerful tool for personal growth.

HealingStimulates immune system, aids in stress relief

What is Atlantisite Crystal?

Among the vast array of stones and crystals in the world, Atlantisite surely stands out. A unique blend of serpentine and stitchtite, this crystal has a fascinating story that includes the place of its origin, its physical properties, and its profound impact on spiritual and physical wellbeing.

History of Atlantisite Crystal

You’ve likely heard of Atlantisite’s older siblings: serpentine and stitchtite. Atlantisite’s birth is a tale of unison when these two members of the mineral area combined their forces in the raw, untamed landscapes of Tasmania, Australia. This stunning fusion results in Atlantisite, named for the mythical underwater city of Atlantis.

Did the ancient Atlanteans use Atlantisite crystals for healing and spiritual development? It’s not impossible. After all, this crystal carries deep vibrations of the Earth’s wisdom, something that was valued by many ancient cultures. Today, Atlantisite continues to be appreciated by crystal healers and enthusiasts for its potent energy and extensive benefits.

Physical Properties of Atlantisite Crystal

Atlantisite’s most striking feature is its two-tone coloration: lime green serpentine peppered with purple streaks of stitchtite. These contrasting hues and patterns are not just appealing to the eye— they also hint at Atlantisite’s dual nature as a carrier of both calming and stimulating energies.

The crystal’s distribution is limited, making it a prized find in Tasmania, the only place on Earth where it naturally forms in this particular combination. It registers a hardness of 2.5-3 on the Mohs scale, indicating its relatively soft nature. Yet, even though its delicate physical stature, Atlantisite packs a potent energetic punch, resonating with both Heart and Base Chakras.

While the crystal’s fascinating history is enough to captivate interest, its myriad of healing and spiritual benefits is what truly makes it unique. From assisting in stress relief to stimulating the immune system, there’s so much more to be discovered about Atlantisite. Having said that, there’s a journey ahead—
an exciting voyage into the depths of this remarkable stone’s essence and energies.

Whether you’re an avid crystal collector, a spiritual healer, or simply curious about this intriguing stone, open your heart and your mind. There’s always something new to learn—and with Atlantisite, these lessons come infused with an energy that’s as vibrant as the crystal itself.

Atlantisite Crystal Meaning and Symbolism

When I first encountered Atlantisite, its unique blend of serpentine and stitchtite fascinated me. This stone is known for its strong connection to both the heart and crown chakras. What really sets it apart is its distinctive two-tone green and purple coloration — a nod to the harmonious balance of its energies.

The symbolism of Atlantisite is deeply connected with spiritual healing and general well-being. It’s believed to stabilize the mood, encourage introspection, and help spiritual awareness.

Known for its grounding properties, users often turn to Atlantisite for stress relief and emotional healing. Its serene and calming energies make it an essential tool for creating harmony in problematic situations. The green hue of the serpentine promotes balance and rejuvenation, while the purple stitchtite contributes to spiritual growth and empathy.

The healing properties of Atlantisite aren’t just confined to the spiritual area. This healing crystal supports the physical body as well. Atlantisite assists in cellular regeneration and helps to slow down the aging process from a cellular perspective. On a measurable scale, the gemstone aids in the metabolism of calcium and can help to balance blood pressure over time. Here’s the breakdown:

Healing propertyAtlantisite Impact
Cellular regenerationEncourages healthy growth
Aging processAssists in slowing down
Calcium metabolismAids in metabolism
Blood pressureContributes to balance

The chakra of Atlantisite is strongly aligned with the heart and crown chakra. The heart chakra signifies love, while the crown chakra is tied with wisdom and being one with the world. Atlantisite serves as a bridge between these two, marrying love and wisdom, to lead us to a harmonious life.

The Atlantisite crystal isn’t just a gem; it’s a voyage of discovery and personal growth. As I’ve navigated my journey with this remarkable stone, I’m continually discovering its myriad ways of imparting wisdom, balance, and harmony. With Atlantisite by my side, the path to spiritual and physical well-being becomes a fascinating journey.

Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Atlantisite Crystal

Delving deeper into the intriguing world of Atlantisite, it’s essential to further explore its emotional, physical, and chakra healing properties. Its alluring two-tone coloration isn’t just for show; it signals profound metaphysical capabilities that can phenomenally enhance our wellbeing.

Emotional Healing

One astounding quality of Atlantisite is its strong impact on emotional healing. Gravitating towards this crystal, I tap into a source of potent energy for emotional release. It’s renowned for its ability to stimulate forgiveness and empathy, building a conducive groundwork for dissolving stubborn emotional blockages.

Working with Atlantisite provides me with a sense of tranquility, helping dissolve stress, resolve conflict, and promote a better understanding of others. It’s an excellent tool for accessing and integrating the past experiences which might’ve led to emotional wounding.

Physical Healing

The diverse healing properties of Atlantisite also extend to the physical area. In my experience, it significantly contributes to cellular regeneration and slowing down the aging process. By working hand-in-hand with this crystal’s energy, there’s a noticeable enhancement in my health, from calcium metabolism to balancing blood pressure.

The potent vibration of Atlantisite is an exceptional link to cellular recovery and revitalization. It’s charming how even though its delicate frame, this crystal houses such phenomenal physical healing prowess.

Chakra Healing

Finally, Atlantisite’s remarkable effects extend to chakra alignment, specifically with the heart and crown chakras. From my years leaning on this crystal, it’s served as the perfect bridge between these two power centers, creating a harmonious bond leading to spiritual and emotional equilibrium.

There’s a sense of completeness enveloped with Atlantisite, a balance that brings feelings of peaceful alignment. It’s as though life’s routines stop causing friction and start flowing smoothly on their rightful paths.

With its high vibration, Atlantisite effortlessly opens my crown chakra, opening up a path for accessing higher guidance from spiritual entities. Similarly, its vibration on the heart chakra cultivates love, serenity, and an overall more compassionate perspective. This synergy is profound, connecting me to a higher consciousness while grounding with love and compassion.

Discovering the Atlantisite crystal’s healing and metaphysical properties is indeed a journey of its own. Every interaction with it sparks some form of growth, whether that’s physical, emotional, or spiritual. It’s no surprise that Atlantisite has such a revered standing in the world of crystals — and I look forward to continuing my exploration of its unique capabilities.

Atlantisite as a Zodiac Birthstone

Expanding our journey into the wondrous world of Atlantisite, let’s now explore its resonance with the traditional zodiac. Yes, you read right. Atlantisite isn’t just a stone with physical and metaphysical healing properties—it’s also a sought after zodiac birthstone!

Aquarians can particularly benefit from Atlantisite’s transformative energies. Born between January 20 and February 18, Aquarians are known for their independent, progressive, and creative spirits. But, they can also be prone to feelings of detachment, indecision, or emotional instability due to their deeply intuitive nature. That’s where Atlantisite comes in. It helps Aquarians stabilize these feelings and foster their inherent creativity.

For Scorpios, the Atlantisite makes a substantial impact. People born under this star sign (between October 23 and November 21) are often characterized by their passionate, assertive, and determined nature, which can sometimes tip over into stubbornness or volatility. With Atlantisite in their corner, Scorpios can discover a softer approach to life, leading to the manifestation of their desires in a more peaceful and harmonious way.

Now let’s jump into the world of Pisces. The birthdates here range from February 19 to March 20. Pisceans are widely celebrated for their compassionate, artistic and intuitive qualities. But, their sensitive nature can leave them feeling overwhelmed. Atlantisite aids Pisceans in striking a balance between their compassionate approach towards the world and their own emotional health.

On the table below, we can view the correlation between Atlantisite and these zodiac signs.

Zodiac SignBirthdate Range
AquariusJanuary 20 – February 18
ScorpioOctober 23 – November 21
PiscesFebruary 19 – March 20

Incorporating Atlantisite into your daily life based on your zodiac sign can positively influence your interaction with the universe. Gain insight, growth, and wisdom through its transformative energy. Whether you’re an Aquarian seeking to stabilize your feelings, a Scorpio striving for a more peaceful manifestation of your desires, or a Piscean wanting to balance your compassion and emotional health—there’s no denying the fact that Atlantisite’s influence on your zodiac sign could be the key to revealing your personal and spiritual transformation.

Atlantisite and Chakras

Moving forward on our journey, let’s uncover the magic residing within the chakra healing capabilities of Atlantisite. Undeniably, Atlantisite’s vibrational energy plays a crucial role in maintaining emotional and physical harmony in our chaotic world.

The energy from Atlantisite primarily resonates with two chakras – the heart and crown chakras. Serving as an incredible bridge, it intricately connects these two energy points. It enables a harmonious bond, promoting spiritual and emotional equilibrium. It’s fascinating how a stone can create such a beautiful balance!

When I work with Atlantisite, my heart chakra basks in the feelings of peace and serenity, giving rise to unconditional love and divine compassion. It’s as if emotional wounds start healing, and the ice of resentment and anger begins thawing, making room for love and empathy.

On the other hand, when this stone’s energy touches the crown chakra, it’s an altogether divine connection. It amplifies my spiritual awareness, helping me tap into the universal wisdom and opening doors to higher realms. Yup, Atlantisite can indeed make you experience feelings of profound spirituality!

Also, the harmonious connection between these two chakras provides a stabilizing effect. It’s balanced energy aids in calming restless thoughts and promoting a clearer insight into our deeper selves.

But remember, Atlantisite is not just related to heart and crown chakras. It’s an all-around healer, radiating balancing energies that align and clean all the seven chakras. It’s another proof of how versatile this gemstone can be.

In my next section, I’ll investigate deeper into how each zodiac sign can benefit from the Atlantisite’s unique healing properties. It’s thrilling how this crystal can bring a new perspective, depending on one’s birth month. But that’s a story for another time. Let’s continue journeying, shall we?

How to Use Atlantisite Crystal

In harnessing the incredible healing and metaphysical properties of the Atlantisite crystal, it’s essential to understand how to use it effectively. This gem serves not only as a spiritual connector between heart and crown chakras but also as a tool for personal growth and serenity. Let’s dive deeper into the various ways you can incorporate the Atlantisite crystal into your daily routine.

Wearing Atlantisite Jewelry

One simple yet powerful way to leverage the beneficial energies of Atlantisite is by adorning yourself with Atlantisite jewelry. Having Atlantisite close to your skin throughout the day facilitates an ongoing connection with this gem’s balancing energies.

Whether it be in the form of necklaces, rings, or bracelets, Atlantisite jewelry can aid in aligning and cleansing your chakras. It simultaneously promotes peace and spiritual awareness. Remember, wearing it near your heart or head can maximize its impact on these corresponding chakras.

Placing Atlantisite Crystal in Your Home

Just as wearing Atlantisite can bring about personal benefits, strategically positioning this crystal in your home can also spread its harmonious energies throughout your space. Atlantisite is known to foster equilibrium in its surroundings, its calming influence extending to those who inhabit that space.

Consider placing the Atlantisite crystal in areas where you often practice meditation, or in rooms where tension may frequently arise. This placement ensures that the energy of the crystal is consistently working to maintain balance and propagate its nurturing aura.

Meditating with Atlantisite Crystal

Another potent method of utilizing Atlantisite is through meditation. Incorporating this stone into your meditation practices can greatly enhance your spiritual connectivity and receptivity to insights about yourself.

Hold the Atlantisite stone in your hand or place it in your lap while meditating. Envision the energy from the stone rising from your heart chakra to your crown chakra, establishing a bridge between Earth’s tangible reality and the cosmic consciousness. With each meditation, you may find the pathway becoming clearer and your insights more profound.

In the area of astrology, it’s also fascinating to explore how different zodiac signs can glean distinct benefits from Atlantisite. With its balancing and enlightening attributes, this gemstone holds unique implications for each sign’s inherent tendencies and challenges.

How to Care for your Atlantisite

With the unique healing properties and its powerful chakra connection, Atlantisite definitely deserves your proactive care to maintain its optimal condition. Proper handling and regular maintenance are not only vital for its longevity but also for maximizing its charitable metaphysical traits.

Atlantisite is a combination of Serpentine and Stichtite, and so inheres the sensitivity of these stones. Atlantisite doesn’t have an excessive hardness – it ranges from 2.5 to 3 on the Mohs scale – so refrain from exposing it to harsh chemicals, abrasive surfaces, or high temperatures. Also, it’s always a safe bet to avoid rigorous cleansing methods that could potentially scratch or crack your crystal.

Regular Cleansing

As Atlantisite absorbs the negative energy from your surroundings, it also needs a routine cleanse to reboot its vitality. Water is the recommended cleansing agent but remember, it should be lukewarm or at room temperature. Rub the crystal gently under the running water and pat dry it immediately. Atlantisite prefers indirect sunlight or moonlight for recharging – direct sunlight could cause its color to fade.

Proper Storing

Store your Atlantisite in a lush fabric or inside a padded jewelry box. This simple step helps to prevent any physical damage to the stone. Keeping Atlantisite separate from your other crystals not only avoids scratches but also preserves the vibrational frequency of each stone.

Energetic Maintenance

Beyond the physical care, Atlantisite, like all your soul-healing crystals, needs energetic maintenance. It’s all about preserving the pristine energy state of your gemstone. Envision a white or golden light encompassing the stone as part of this process, instilling soothing energy and clearing out negativity.

Incorporate these care tips for Atlantisite into your regular crystal care routine. By doing so, you’ll foster a healthier, well-cared-for stone capable of bestowing its maximum healing benefits on you.

Geological Properties

Moving our focus to the origin and core foundation of Atlantisite, we step into the territory of its geological properties. Atlantisite is a combination of two distinct minerals: Serpentine and Stichtite. This lovely marriage from nature creates a unique and powerful gemstone.

Serpentine, the dominant mineral, is characterized by its green shades and has a mottled or scaly appearance. Known for its detoxifying properties, Serpentine has associations with renewal and rebirth. On the other hand, Stichtite, the secondary mineral in Atlantisite, features rich purple hues. It’s cherished for its ability to open and stimulate the heart chakra, fostering feelings of love and compassion. The harmonic unity of these two minerals in a single stone is what makes Atlantisite exceptional.

Formation and Location

The birth of Atlantisite is nothing short of fascinating. A result of the metamorphism of a magnesium-rich igneous rock known as peridotite, Atlantisite undergoes a transformation under the influence of heat and pressure over time. This high-pressure metamorphosis breeds the green Serpentine and the purple Stichtite. At present, Atlantisite is primarily mined in Australia’s island state, Tasmania. Other sources of this crystal globally are scarce, making it one of the relatively rare minerals.

Physical Characteristics

As a physical substance, Atlantisite shows a typical hardness of 2.5 to 3 on the Mohs scale, making it a relatively soft crystal formation. Treat Atlantisite with care and use gently, especially when using it as a tool or jewelry. Please remember, a softer mineral means it’s susceptible to scratches or physical damage. So when you wear Atlantisite, bear this fact in mind and treat your Atlantisite pieces with the love and gentleness they deserve.

The essential about Atlantisite’s healing and metaphysical properties are now clearer. We comprehend its formation and the distinct minerals that constitute its entirety. More importantly, we understand its unique composition, directly correlating with its potent healing attributes that affect the wearer both physically and emotionally.

Continuing our deep jump into Atlantisite, we’ll next turn our attention to the ways Atlantisite interacts and aligns with specific zodiac signs, thereby providing unique benefits.


So there you have it. Atlantisite isn’t just a beautiful crystal to behold, it’s a potent healing tool. With its unique ability to connect the heart and crown chakras, it’s a go-to stone for those seeking emotional balance and spiritual growth.

Remember, wearing Atlantisite or placing it in your home can help spread its harmonious energies. And don’t forget about meditation – it’s key to revealing the crystal’s full potential. As we’ve seen, Atlantisite’s rarity and unique composition make it a special find for any crystal lover. Even though its softness and susceptibility to scratches, with proper care, this stone can serve as a lasting companion on your journey to self-discovery and inner peace.

So why not give Atlantisite a try? Whether you’re a seasoned crystal user or a newbie, you’ll surely appreciate the unique benefits this crystal brings.


What is Atlantisite and where is it found?

Atlantisite is a unique crystal composed primarily of Serpentine and Stichtite minerals. This crystal primarily hails from Tasmania, making it relatively rare in the grand geological scheme.

What are the main healing properties of Atlantisite?

Atlantisite is known for its unique healing and metaphysical properties. The stone’s energy fosters peace, serenity, and unconditional love, while amplifying spiritual awareness and connection to higher realms.

How does Atlantisite affect the chakras?

Atlantisite aids in bridging the heart and crown chakras, promoting emotional and spiritual equilibrium. Additionally, this crystal has balancing energies that align and cleanse all seven chakras, leading to a sense of inner stability.

How can Atlantisite be used effectively?

For optimum use, Atlantisite can be worn as jewelry to align and cleanse chakras. Additionally, placing its crystals strategically in the home can radiate harmonious energies, while meditating with Atlantisite enhances spiritual connectivity and receptivity.

How do different zodiac signs benefit from Atlantisite?

While the article doesn’t enumerate the exact benefits per zodiac sign, it mentions that different star signs can enjoy varying benefits from Atlantisite’s unique healing properties.

What are the physical characteristics of Atlantisite?

This crystal exhibits a significant softness and is susceptible to scratches. Therefore, it needs to be handled carefully.

Can crystals be used for other forms of healing therapy?

Yes, crystals like Atlantisite play a key role in various holistic healing therapies due to the unique energies they hold. In fact, they are frequently used in practices like reiki and crystal therapy.

What’s the relationship between Atlantisite and metamorphism?

Atlantisite is formed via metamorphism, a geological process where rocks undergo transformation due to high temperatures and pressure, contributing to its unique properties.

What are the energy effects of Atlantisite in a living space?

When strategically positioned around a living space, Atlantisite crystals can spread harmonizing and peaceful energies, promoting balance and serenity in the environment.

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